Road safety

Today, KS1 had a road safety morning from the Safer Journeys Team and Mr Binney was our Safer Journeys Officer.

Before we began the walk, we discussed with Mr Binney what we already knew about keeping safe on the roads and what we need to look out for. We spoke about the important word traffic, which reminded us that it is not just cars we need to look out for, but also bicycles, lorries, buses etc.

We learnt the rhyme of:


Look (both ways)

Listen (whilst still listening)

Think (is it safe to cross?)

Year 1 learnt actions for each of these, to help us remember the rhyme.
Can you show your adults at home the rhyme we learnt today? 

We then went out onto Holcombe Road, in pairs. We walked outside the school and discussed what we could see, including the writing on the road saying ‘SCHOOL, KEEP CLEAR’.

We walked down Holcombe Road, stopping at different points, such as driveways and garages, to check it was safe to cross. We watched out for all the different types of traffic we could see.

We returned to outside St.Peters and in Elephants Miss High, Violet and Townes demonstrated how to cross a road with help from the rest of Elephants. We crossed safely!

Back in class, Mr Binney had a worksheet for us to complete to see if we had been listening and looking. We had to tick or cross each of the items depending on if we had seen them on our walk.

We really enjoyed having Mr Binney in to talk to us and Year 1 are now very confident on how to cross a road safely.



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